Thursday, August 23, 2012

K.W. Jeter Is Following Me on Twitter.

Shouldn't you?

Seriously - I'm in a fanboy daze. If it weren't for KWJ, we wouldn't have the Court of the Air, Perdido Street Station, Girl Genius, Lovelace and Babbage...

He is one of the progenitors of steampunk. Hell, he COINED THE TERM "STEAMPUNK." How many writers can honestly say they midwifed a whole new genre?

The man wrote two of the earliest steampunk fantasias: Morlock Nights and Infernal Devices (the latter of which was the earliest example of "clockpunk.")

Shout out to you, KWJ.


  1. Weird! He just followed me too, was trying to figure out if he was a fake or not. Then I looked at his followers/following 10,000/11,000. Friendly chap follows lots of writers I guess. Very cool!

  2. Or he's organizing minions for his clockwork army...also cool!