Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One day, I drank a good cup of coffee.

Like, a REALLY good cup of coffee. We're talking coffee so rich that, without sugar and only a hint of milk, it tasted like coffee ice cream; coffee that took my nose, my soft palate and my tongue on a mellow voyage to Colombia. And it was served, of all places, at a California chain restaurant notorious for defiling the very concept of pizza with things like pineapple, guacamole, and chipotle jalapeƱos.

Astounded, I interrogated the server. Was this Jamaica Blue Mountain I was drinking, for only $2.50 a cup? Nope, she replied. Was there some special roasting process? She shrugged. Undaunted, I waited for my chance and sauntered behind the serving island to check out their coffee process, and I saw it. Giant machines with glass tubes and glass knobs on top, bubbling, steaming...

Percolators. The coffee was perked.

I've just ordered a percolator from Sears. I've read up on perc prep (clear water, coarse grind). And I will let you all know if it's truly just that good.

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