Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Last Coffee Update: French Press vs. Percolator - WHO WILL WIN?

Percolator. Here's why:

1. The coffee quality is the same as with a French press - at least to this uneducated palate. They are both superior to a Mr. Coffee or the K-cup abomination. (BTW, both methods require a coarse grind.)
2. A percolator uses HALF the ground coffee that a French press does. As coffee prices inch inexorably upward, that means something.
3. The coffee stays hotter longer. (At least, it does if you use an electric percolator, as opposed to a stovetop model.)

1. The percolator is a little harder to clean. (You can put most of the innards in the dishwasher, but the electric pot itself is a hand-wash item.)
2. Once the orange "ready" light is on, you still have to wait a few minutes for the grounds to settle before you get the full flavor of the coffee.
3. Electric percolators are a legacy item - they're tough to find at brick-and-mortar stores, and not really repairable. However, I got mine through Amazon, and they're still fairly cheap.

And there you have it.

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