Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome to The Sword That Nagged-

-your one-stop shop for all things related to Malleable History and the new fantasy series The Wrong Sword (aka The Sword That Nagged, Ill-Tempered Steel, Pull My Sword, and Wrongwise Born - because writers like titles even more than they like books.)

You seem like a handsome, perceptive, and well-groomed bunch of potential readers. So to get things started, I want to make to you this rock-solid Declaration of Principles:

1. I will, at all times, use this blog to relentlessly shill my products.
2. I will never, no matter what, make any pretense to artistic purpose or literary merit.
3. I will, when time and the TWS storyline allow, distort, pervert, and mistreat History for my own selfish ends.
4. I will, within my admittedly mercenary limits, try to provide you with posts that are a source of innocent merriment and/or useless facts.

Charles Foster Kane made one of these declarations, and he turned out okay.
I think we're on the right track. Don't you?

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