Friday, December 30, 2011

Slight Change of Plans

Looking back on my recent posts, I can see I've been getting all medieval on your a***s.

Which is okay in moderation. But really, I'm not a professional historian (in fact, once The Excalibur Trick comes out, the case might be made that I'm kind of an anti-historian) and there are plenty of medieval blogs by history pros who know...know what they're talking about. Or have at least worked a couple of RenFaires.

So I'll dial back a little on the Sarah-Vowell-meets-BBCAmerica posts, and intersperse them with some writer stuff, some sex stuff, some violence stuff, some NY vs. LA stuff, some genre stuff, some pizza stuff...typical blogging. The tough thing with most writers' blogs, though, is that they're all about agents and publishers and the next book coming out (or worse, their quest for an agent, publisher, or finished novel)  and I wanted to get away from that a little bit.

(Although, for the record, I have the world's greatest agent, Michael Carr, and a new editor, Dr. Matt Teel at Urania/Musa, for whom I have very high hopes.)

So let's see what happens.

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