Saturday, April 7, 2012

Street Food à la Bourgeois

You might have heard that my hometown is undergoing something of a street food renaissance. We've left funnel cake and Italian sausage far behind, and food trucks now serve Belgian waffles, Hong Kong dumplings, and pupusas from El Salvador.

That's gotten me to thinking about what street food might have been like back in the old Castle & King days. Was there even street food at all? My gut, which is never wrong, says "yes." Here's a recipe that might have made the grade on the King's High Street.

Take and make a foile of gode past as thynne as paper; 
kerue it out wyt a saucer & frye it in pile;
oþer in grece; 
and þe remnaunt, take hony clarified and flamme þerwith. 
Alye hem vp and serue hem forth.

or, in Modern English:

Take and make a sheet of good pastry as thin as paper;
carve it out with a saucer & fry it in oil;
or in grease;
and to finish them, take clarified honey and baste therewith.
Do them up and serve them forth.

(This one's from the Gode Cookery website, a great resource for medieval cuisine.)

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