Monday, September 23, 2013

FeatherBed® Is Here!

Information architects! UX professionals! Vested corporate clockwatchers! Do you find yourself underutilized at work? Bored? Even comatose?

Then FEATHERBED is for you.

At FeatherBed, we can OUTSOURCE YOUR DOWNTIME, leaving you free to walk in the park, grab a beer, even get reacquainted with your significant other. While you're in the real world, we will send a certified and licensed FEATHERBEDDER® to occupy your workstation, complain about your local sports team, and conceal NSFW material on your computer terminal.

All our FeatherBedders are dressed in appropriate work clothes and schooled in corporate etiquette (if you are an IT specialist, more schooled in etiquette). As liberal arts graduates in an economic downturn, they are guaranteed to be 100% happy to be at your desk, and 100% unable to take your job from you.

Why should you fight boredom-coma, be forced to play in a sports fantasy league, or laugh one more time at your boss's retelling of Conan O'Brien's monologue? Let FeatherBed take the weight off your shoulders!

FeatherBed - for the rest of your life.

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