Monday, September 30, 2013

The Eye of Argon!

I don't think this is a bad drawing,
but the author would have liked it.
Some of you young whippersnappers might not know about it. Back in 1970 (post-Flood, pre-Watergate) an eager sixteen year old fan published his first fantasy novella in an Ozark fanzine.  It was bad.

Really bad.

Like, hilariously bad.

Plan 9 From Outer Space bad.

It soon achieved immortality on the SF convention circuit, where group readings became de rigeur.

You can find it here.

Why do I suggest this, besides some innocent merriment? Because it's a superb category of mistakes. Not just in using the wrong word, or the wrong punctuation, but the wrong metaphor, the wrong simile, the wrong construction, and on, and on - it's fractally wrong, wrong on every level.

If you read this and don't see the wrong, then you've a ways to go in your own writing quest, my fellow scribe.


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