Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Save This Story!

We've consigned entire classic F/SF novels to obscurity - Jack of Shadows, The Eyes of the Overworld, Stand on Zanzibar - so what chance do individual short stories have? Let's save some of these gems.

For this post, the short story is Green Tea, by Richard Wadholm. Published in 1999, anthologized in the 17th Year's Best Science Fiction, it combines vengeance, disaster in space, and advanced particle physics, and serves them up with an elegant Spanish accent. It is tasty, my friends. You can find it as an individual ebook at BarnesandNoble.com. Only $1.39. And you can download the Nook app onto your laptop or iWhatever for free to read it.

And after the jump, a sample to whet your appetites:

"Who was it for, the thing you birthed on our ship? Was it for the mercenaries on Michele D'avinet? Or for the Chinese smugglers who used the glare of D'avinet to hide their passing? I suppose it doesn't matter much either way. Whoever your treasure was intended for, they were someone's enemy, but they were no enemy of Beltran Seynoso's, yes? And we, the crew of the Hierophant, we were merely witnesses. Our only offense was that we could connect you with the destruction of a little star in the outer reaches of Orion. I wronged you, my friend. You are indeed a man of pitiless resolve..."

Read this sucker.

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