Saturday, January 28, 2012

Save This Story II

It's the early '60s. There's this young guy, quiet, lanky, big nose. Loves mythology, the Bhagavad Gita, martial arts. Comes out of Columbia with an MA in Elizabethan drama, goes back to his home state of Ohio and starts working for the Social Security office. Evenings and weekends, he writes fantasy and science fiction, working his way up from short stories to novels.

His name is Roger Zelazny-


-and in 1963, possibly inspired by Buddhist notions of illusion and reality, he writes a short story called The Misfit.

It's a really short story. And in less than 2,000 words, it says everything, EVERYTHING that The Matrix said in two hours...and more.

The only down side? Unlike Green Tea, this story isn't available separately on Amazon or B&N. You have to buy an anthology like this one. Is it worth buying? Oh, yeah.

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