Friday, April 20, 2012

How It Went-

-it went pretty well.
The reading, that is.

We held it at the Way Station, a great nerd bar in Prospect Heights.There was a nice mix of friends, relatives, and prosperous strangers who looked like Kindle owners.

That's the bathroom in the back. Yes, it IS bigger on the inside.
Brad and Cam, the organizers of my writers group, handled the whole thing. We had TWS t-shirts, and postcards with the cover art, synopsis, and Amazon link on them. And so, after a  cocktail that tasted a little like licorice and little like strychnine, I was up onstage with a mic in my face and the first four chapters in my hand. I went for about half an hour. I said hello to everyone I knew, told everyone to tip their waitress, recommended the chicken...

And I got at least one musician to buy the book right there. Hey, if you can sell fantasy to a lead guitar, you're doing okay, I think. Someone else told me I should record the audiobook myself. And the next day I definitely saw a little bump in sales.

Now, if a few of you lovely folks could leave some reviews on Amazon, I would be a happy man...


  1. Ooooh my goodness, do mine eyes deceive me? that looks like the Doctor's TARDIS! SO cool!

    1. A-yep. They also have a "sonic screwdriver" cocktail.

    2. Oooh, I wish I could go there! Guessing Prospect Heights is somewhere in the US?

    3. Yes - it's deep in the heart of Brooklyn, about half a mile north of the Brooklyn Museum. A lot of fun! I recommend if you're in the great "County of Kings" and in need of a nerd fix.